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SITS Registry

The stroke register SIECV SITS-Brazil is a database for documentation and immediate statistical evaluation of the management of stroke in the country, available online at a secure internet website. The registry came to Brazil through the Ibero-American Society of Cerebrovascular Diseases (SIECV) to register patients from 20 countries of Latin America as an integrated part of SITS International (, a global academic collaboration to assist the development of stroke management.  The SITS International (Safe Implementation of Treatments in Stroke) is the world"s largest registry of thrombolysis (currently over 30,000 registered patients) and in 2008 opened to include all patients with stroke.
The registry is hospital-based and open to stroke centers and should include all patients treated at the hospital. Statistical reports are updated daily and include the general results of the country, region (Latin America) and around the world to stimulate the center to compare their results with the entire international community and to encouraging the improvement of of quality of care in the stroke acute phase. If your hospital is interested in participating, please send an email to

How to Register?
Protocol SITS registry
Hospital stroke registry, SITS-Brazil SIECV

Enter the webpage
1. Register the Center and the Coordinator of SITS in the hospital as a local coordinator by clicking "Become a SITS center."
Fill out the 10 steps over the center (if at the end gives an error message,
no problem)
2. Second register the local users by clicking "Become a SITS user" and follow the steps (local users may also include patients into the bank). The coordinator of the hospital does not need to register again because he is already registered.
3. After that, you will receive (in weeks) a login and password to access the database and start recording.
4. Patients may be included from January 2007

Any questions write to the email:

Below are the direct contact of the SITS

SITS International Coordination Office:
Department of Neurology, Karolinska University Hospital, 171 76
Stockholm, Sweden,
telephone +46 8 5177 5606
fax +46 8 7366158.

SITS project administrators:
Catharina Jilert, catharina.jilert@
Cecilia Karlsson, cecilia.h.karlsson@
SIECV-SITS  project leader:
Nikolaos Kostulas,
(Dir phone =+46-739767705)

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